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**SALE** Retro Coffee Collection
10 oz Short Logo Jar
12 oz Tall Logo Jar
12 oz. Homespun Jar Candle
12 oz. Pantry Jar Candle
2.75 oz Mini Jar Candle Single
24 oz. Pantry Jar Candle
24oz Homespun Jar Candle
4 pack Cotton Wicks
5.25 oz. Break-Apart Drizzle Melts TM
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Classic Wax Melter with Dish
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Cuyahoga Valley Keepsake Jar: Brandywine Falls
Cuyahoga Valley Mini Jar
De-lightful Destinations Candles
De-Lightful Destinations Keepsake Jars
De-Lightful Destinations Mini Sampler
Drizzle Melts
Filled Glass Jar Candles
Filled Pottery Candles
Fruits & Florals 12oz. Jar
Fruits & Florals Jars
Fruits & Florals Mini Sampler Jar
Glacier Keepsake Jar: Bear
Glacier Mini Jar
Grand Teton Keepsake Jar: Elk
Grand Teton Mini Jar
Great Smoky Mountains Keepsake Jar: Big Creek
Great Smoky Mountains Keepsake Jar: Cabin
Great Smoky Mountains Keepsake Jar: Firefly Cubs
Great Smoky Mountains Keepsake Jar: Mama Bear & Cubs
Great Smoky Mountains Mini Jar
Homespun Jar Candles
Ivory Scroll Wax Melter with Dish
Large Flamingo Round
Large Flamingo Square
Large Timeless Jar
Last Chance 12 oz logo jar
Last Chance-Limited Edition Products
Last Chance-LTD- 12 oz Jars
Last Chance-LTD- Medium Timeless Jar
Last Chance-LTD-24 oz Jars
License Plate Pot
Logo Jar Collection
Mini Retro Coffee Set of 5
Mini Timeless Jar
NEW Flamingo Love Pottery Collection
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Retro Keepsake Jar includes Mini Jar
Rocky Mountain Keepsake Jar: Longs Peak
Rocky Mountain Mini Jar
Round Vintage Bowl Candle
Ruffled Bowl
Ruffled Pot
Ruffled Pottery Candles
Sage/Floral Wax Melter with Dish
Signature Wax Melter with Dish
Square Vintage Pot Candle
The White Collection
Timeless Collection
Timeless Jar
Unscented Candle Refill Wax & Wicks
Urban Decor Collection
Urban Decor Short Round Black Canister
Urban Decor Short Square Black Canister
Urban Decor Tall Round Black Canister
Urban Decor Tall Square Black Canister
Vintage Pot Candle
Vintage Pottery Collection
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White Collection Round Tall Canister
White Collection Short Round
White Collection Short Square
White Collection Square Tall Canister
White Woods Oval Pot
White Woods Pottery Collection
White Woods Small Round Pot
White Woods Small Square Pot
Yellowstone Keepsake Jar: Bison Herd
Yellowstone Mini Jar
Yosemite Keepsake Jar: Half Dome Vista
Yosemite Mini Jar
Zion Keepsake Jar: 100th Anniversary
Zion Keepsake Jar: Angel's Landing
Zion Mini Jar

We care about your safety. Please never leave a burning candle unattended. Always follow proper Candle Care and Safety