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**NEW** 2018 Fall Fragrances Drizzle Melt Sampler
**NEW** American Highway Collection
**NEW** Ceramic Warmer & Dish Lattice
**NEW** Illumination Brushed Chrome
**NEW** Illumination Warmer Love you...Moon and Back
**NEW** Illumination Warmer Mercury Glass
**NEW** Illumination Wax Warmer Hearthstone
**NEW** Pluggable Wax Warmer Farmhouse
**NEW** Pluggable Wax Warmer Filigree
**NEW** Pluggable Wax Warmer Honeycomb
**NEW** Small License Plate Window Box
**NEW** Terra Vasa 2.0
**NEW** Timeless Collection Jar
**NEW** Traditions Jar Collection
**NEW** White Woods Pottery Collection
**NEW**Illumination Wax Warmer Santa
*NEW* Illumination Wax Warmer Chai
1/2 oz Premium Fragrance Oil
100% Pure Grade Essential Oil .5oz
100% Pure Grade Essential Oils
100% Pure Grade Essential Oils .5 oz
100% Pure Grade Essential Oils .5oz
12 oz. Holiday Jars
12 oz. Homespun Jar Candle
12 oz. Pantry Jar Candle
15% off Out of Season Harvest Vintage Jar
2018 Fragrance List and Description
24 oz. Pantry Jar Candle
24oz Homespun Jar Candle
25Watt Illumination Warmer Replacement Bulb
4.75 oz. Break-Apart Drizzle Melts
Dundee, MI
Swanton, OH
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Bird Pottery
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Candle Accessories
Candle Refill Wax & Wicks
Candle Refill Wax Kit
Candle Safety
Canister with Lid
Ceramic Warmer & Dish Cream Emboss
Ceramic Warmer & Dish Slate
Ceramic Warmer & Dish Vintage White
Ceramic Warmer with Dish
Christmas Traditions Jar Candle
Contemporary Jar Candle
Contemporary Jar Candle
Drizzle Melts
Enamelware Candles
Extra Cotton Wicks
Extra Votive Wicks
Festive Enamelware Candles
Festive Large Canister
Filled Glass Jar Candles
Filled Mini Vintage Votive Cup
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Glue Gun Starter Kit
Harvest & Holiday Vintage Jars
Holiday Pattern Bowl
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Holiday Round Pot
Homespun Jar Candles
Illumination Follow Your Dreams Warmer
Illumination Wax Warmer Frosty
Illumination Wax Warmer Live, Laugh, Love
Illumination Wax Warmer Mason Jar
Illumination Wax Warmer Seaglass
Illumination Wax Warmer Snowflake
Illumination Wax Warmers
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Large Coffee Cup
Large Round Pot
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Medium Mug
Medium Mug
Mini Sampler Candles
Mini Sampler Jar Candle Single
Mini Sampler Jar Candles - Set of 3
NEW - Ceramic Warmer & Dish Walnut/Pewter
NEW - Sonic Oil Diffuser Home Sweet Home
NEW - Sonic Oil Diffuser Twilight
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NEW! Holiday Small Round Vase
NEW! Holiday Small Square
Oil Diffuser Reed
Oil Diffuser Teardrop Bottle
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Pantry Jar Candles
Pluggable Warmer Replacement Bulb 15W
Pluggable Wax Warmer Chai
Pluggable Wax Warmer Follow Your Dreams
Pluggable Wax Warmer Frosty
Pluggable Wax Warmer Live Laugh Love
Pluggable Wax Warmer Love You To The Moon and Back
Pluggable Wax Warmer Mason Jar
Pluggable Wax Warmer Santa
Pluggable Wax Warmer Seaglass
Pluggable Wax Warmer Snowflake
Pluggable Wax Warmers
Premium Fragrance Oils & Accessories
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Round License Plate Pot
Round Vintage Bowl Candle
Round Vintage Pot Candle
Ruffled Bowl
Ruffled Pot
Ruffled Pottery Candles
Seasonal Wax Warmers
Small Coffee Cup
Small Round Pot
Small Square Pot
Sonic Oil Diffuser Flourish
Sonic Oil Diffuser Harmony
Sonic Oil Diffuser Inspire
Sonic Oil Diffuser Mind, Body Soul
Sonic Oil Diffuser Serentiy
Special Occasion 12 oz Jar Candle
Special Occasion 24 oz Jar Candle
Square License Plate Pot
Square Vintage Pot Candle
Stoneware Coffee Cup Candles
Sweet Tooth Drizzle Melt Sampler
T Lite Mold Kit
Terra Vasa 2.0 Round Pot
Terra Vasa 2.0 Square Pot
Timeless Collection
Unscented Candle Refill Wax & Wicks
Vintage Pottery Collection
Wax Warmers
White Candle Refill Wax
White Woods Birch Pottery Vase
White Woods Round Pot
White Woods Square Pot
Wickman Wick Dipper Antique Brass

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