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Last Chance-Limited Edition Products

These fragrances are out of season or limited edition products with limited availability and limited quantities. Find all of your favorite fragrances from previous seasons or a blast from the past fragrance that was a special production! Order soon as limited quantities remain!

Last Chance-LTD-24 oz Jars
Jars are sold assorted, you may receive a 24 oz pantry or a 24 oz homespun- fragrances are identical regardless of jar finish.Thank you "18332 - Golden Mimosa (Blush)" "18312 - Pineapple Vanilla Sugar (Goldenrod)" "18378 - Picnic in the Park (Lime) LTD" "18348 - Raspberry Lime Fizz (Pink) LTD" "18360 - Whipped Sugar Cane(Ivory) TLD"
Last Chance-LTD- 12 oz Jars
Jars are sold as assorted, you may receive a 12 oz homespun or a 12 oz pantry jar. Fragrances are identical regardless of the jar style.Thank you "19530 - Candy Shop (Blue)" "58037 - Lavender Spruce- LTD" "58021 - Lilac Mist (Violet)" "58016 - Olive Verbena (Lime) LTD" "58078 - Picnic in the Park (Lime) LTD" "58093 - Pomegranate and Bitter Orange (Wine) LTD" "58097 - Rosemary Grapefruit Spritzer (Pink) LTD" "58008 - Rum Raisin Glaze (Ivory) - LTD"
Last Chance-LTD- Medium Timeless Jar
Filled with 12 oz. of American Soybean WaxTM. Measures 4"W x 5.25"H with a 75+ hour burn time.* = Our Best Selling Fragrances "16241 - Butterscotch Brandy" "16272 - Snickerdoodle"
Last Chance 12 oz logo jar
Our NEW Logo Jar collection features a decorative wooden lid, with Our Signature Swan Creek Candle Co logo stamped into the glass! Filled with 12 oz of American Soybean Wax, these clean burning, lead free wick, candles have a 75 hour burn time. Mesures 5.5"x3.25""50290 - Black Plum & Vanilla- LTD" "50241 - Butterscotch Brandy- LTD" "50213 - Citrus Grove- LTD" "50237 - Lavender Spruce- LTD" "50218 - Maine Blueberry- LTD" "50259 - Maple Caramel Swirl- LTD" "50235 - Mulberry & Mandarin- LTD" "50281 - Petals of Paradise- LTD" "50216 - Red Currant- LTD" "50240 - Sage & Lemon Balm- LTD" "50254 - Whiskey & Sweet Tobacco- LTD" "50210 - White Santal- LTD"
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