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Candle Refill Wax & Wicks

Candle Refill Wax & Wicks
Item# 605
Fragrance Options (Wax Color):  Wick Size If Needed(4 per package): 

Product Description

Please note- we do not recommend refilling containers other than ones previously purchased or used by Swan Creek Candle.
Wax colors vary.
Thank you
Wax Refills include: 24oz of richly colored American Soybean WaxTM in a microwavable container and 1 package of 4 wicks in your choice of burning diameter.

Choose wick size based on the diameter of the containers you wish to fill.
For 12oz jars use the #60 wick and 24oz. jar candles use the #62 wick.

Please email with questions for refilling pottery containers or timeless jars. If you are unsure about what wick size to use- please send us an email before ordering.

**Please do not forgot to choose your wick size!**

* = Best selling fragrance

Fragrance Options (Wax Color):" "Amaretto Caramel (Tan) LTD" "Birthday Cake - (Ivory)" "Blueberry Cheesecake (Blueberry) LTD" "Brazilian Vanilla (Ivory) LTD" "Bourbon Maple Sugar* (Tan)" "Buttercream Vanilla (Ivory) LTD" "Butterscotch Brandy (Goldenrod) (LTD)" "By the Fireside - (Tan) " "Cafe Au Lait* (Tan)" "Cherry Almond Buttercream (Red)" "Cinnamon Hazelnut Latte* (Tan)" "Citrus Sage* (Sage)" "Creamy Coconut Vanilla -(Ivory)" "Crisp Cotton* (Ivory)" "Dirty Hot Chocolate (Chocolate)" "Dutch Apple Pie (Ivory)" “Fall Festival (Rust) Seasonal” "Fresh Cut Christmas Tree* (Evergreen) Seasonal” "Fresh-Picked Blueberries - (Color Varies)" "Fresh Strawberry* (Red)" "Garden Party (Teal) (LTD)" "Gingerbread* (Brown)" "Glazed Banana Bread (Goldenrod)" "Hazelnut* (Tan)" “Home for the Holidays (Red) Seasonal” "Honey-Soaked Apples* (Tan)" "Island Shave Ice - (Color Varies)" "Lavender & Lemongrass (Violet)" "Leather (Tan) LTD" "Lilac Mist (Violet)(LTD)" "Luscious Lemon Vanilla (Yellow)" "Mango & Peach Slices (Peach)(LTD) " “Mistletoe Kiss (Evergreen) Seasonal” "Mountain Berry Parfait* (Indigo)" “Mulled Farmhouse Cider (Goldenrod) Seasonal” “Peppermint Twist (Ivory) Seasonal” “Pumpkin Caramel Drizzle (Rust) Seasonal” “Pumpkin Spice (Rust) Seasonal” "Pumpkin Vanilla* (Rust or Ivory)" "Raspberry Rainbow Ice (Pink) (LTD)" "Roasted Espresso* (Brown)" “Roasted Pumpkin Seeds (Rust) Seasonal” "Salted Caramel Popcorn* (Tan)" "Salt Sea Spray - (Ivory)" "Snickerdoodle* (Ivory)" “Snowflakes at Midnight (Ivory) Seasonal” "Southern Sweet Tea* (Ivory)" "Spiced Orange and Cinnamon* (Orange)" "Strawberry Basil (Basil) (LTD)" "Summer Melon (Pink) (LTD)" "Sun-kissed Linen - (Ivory)" "Toasted Walnut Praline" "Thai Pear (Light Green)" "Vanilla Pound Cake (Yellow)" "Warm Cinnamon Buns (Tan)" "White Peach and Clove* (Peach)" "Wild Honeysuckle Citrus (LTD)" “Wild Harvested Bayberry (Evergreen)” “Cozy Christmas Cabin NEW (Red)” “Frosted Berry Noir NEW (Plum” “Candy Cane Mocha NEW (Red)”

We care about your safety. Please never leave a burning candle unattended. Always follow proper Candle Care and Safety