Candle Refill Wax & Wicks

Candle Refill Wax & Wicks
Item# 605
Fragrance Options (Wax Color):  Wick Size Needed(4 per package): 

Product Description

Please note- we do not recommend refilling containers other than ones previously purchased or used by Swan Creek Candle. Thank you
Wax Refills include: 24oz of richly colored American Soybean WaxTM in a microwavable container and 1 package of 4 wicks in your choice of burning diameter.

Choose wick size based on the diameter of the containers you wish to fill.
For 12oz jars use the #60 wick and 24oz. jar candles use the #62 wick.

Please email with questions for refilling pottery containers or timeless jars. If you are unsure about what wick size to use- please send us an email before ordering.

**Please do not forgot to choose your wick size!**

* = Best selling fragrance

Fragrance Options (Wax Color):" "Bourbon Maple Sugar* (Tan)" "Buttercream Vanilla* - (Ivory) Seasonal" "Brazilian Vanilla* (Ivory)" "Cafe Au Lait* (Tan)" "Christmas Morning Coffee* - (Red) Seasonal" "Cinnamon Hazelnut Latte* (Tan)" "Citrus Sage* (Sage)" "Crisp Cotton* (Ivory)" "Fresh-Cut Christmas Tree* (Evergreen) - Seasonal" "Fresh Strawberry* -(Color Varies)" "Gingerbread* (Brown)" "Hazelnut * (Tan)" "Home For the Holidays* (Red) - Seasonal" "Honey Soaked Apples* (Tan)" "Luscious Lemon Vanilla* (Yellow)" "Mistletoe Kiss* - (Evergreen) Seasonal" "Peppermint Twist* (Ivory) -Seasonal" "Roasted Espresso* (Brown)" "Snickerdoodle* (Ivory)" "Southern Sweet Tea* (Ivory)" "Spiced Orange and Cinnamon* (Off White)" "Vanilla Pound Cake*" "Warm Cinnamon Buns* (Brown)" "Whiskey and Tobacco* (Tan)" "White Peach and Clove* (Peach)" "Salted Caramel Popcorn (Brown)LTD" "Lemon Icebox Cookies (Ivory) LTD" "Dutch Apple Pie* (Ivory) LTD" "Butterscotch Brandy (Tan) - LTD" "Birthday Cake* (Soft Pink) LTD" "Summer Melon (Soft Pink) LTD"

We care about your safety. Please never leave a burning candle unattended. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Always follow proper burn instructions listed on your candle