Filled Glass Jar Candles

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Pantry Jar Candles
Intense fragrance, Clean Burning, Lead Free KITCHEN PANTRY JARS.The largest holds more than 24 ounces of clean burning soybean wax in rich assorted colors. The 6 ounce and 12 ounce jars complete your options. Label is easy to remove for a cleaner look. These containers are made in the USA. Candle wax, all American!

Choose from many kitchen fragrances or our clean and fresh fragrances.
Homespun Jar Candles
Our HOMESPUN JARS are an elegant alternative to the Kitchen Pantry Jars. The heavy clear glass container is ribbed for a different look when burning. The clear glass Homespun Jars go well in any room in the house! These containers are imported. Candle wax, all American!
Southern Charm Candles
Our SOUTHERN CHARM JARS are a beautiful addition to any room, and have a lot of what the name suggests - charm! The added herbs, coffee, cinnamon and spices give these adorable jars the look of a recipe jar. Candle wax, all American!
Mini Sampler Candles
Contemporary Jar Candle
We invite you to try this sleek and sophisticated jar candle. All the CONTEMPORARY JARS come in clean white wax, are adorned with a colored square label, and are topped by a clear glass lid. Perfect for any room in the house - label is easy to remove for a cleaner look! These containers are made in the USA. Candle wax, all American!
We care about your safety. Please never leave a burning candle unattended.