5.25 oz. Break-Apart Drizzle MeltsTM

5.25 oz. Break-Apart Drizzle Melts<font size=1><sup>TM</font></sup>
Item# 022
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Product Description

Drizzle MeltsTM are a wonderful collection of tempting products from Swan Creek Candle Company's(R) 2021 Collection. Enticing not only to your olfactory and visual senses, but also your sense of value for these pleasingly-priced new offerings. And they are so easy to use with six separate break-apart cubes - just place them in a melter and enjoy! Due to the all-natural wax in our Drizzle MeltsTM, each cube! Still the same great triple-scented product, now in an even more convenient form!Fragrance options: "Apples & Spice*" "Amaretto Caramel - Limited" "Birthday Cake* - Limited" "Blackberry Rose Jam - NEW" "Bourbon Maple Sugar*" "Brazilian Vanilla - NEW" "Cafe Au Lait*" "Cherry Almond Buttercream *" "Christmas In the Air - Seasonal" "Christmas Morning Coffee* - Seasonal" "Cinnamon Hazelnut Latte*" "Citrus & Sage*" "Citrus Grove*" "Coconut Lime* - Seasonal" "Cranberry Apple Crisp*" "Crisp Cotton* " "Floral Story*" "Fresh-cut Christmas Tree* - Seasonal" "Fresh Strawberry* - Seasonal" "Frosted Cranberry and Sugared Vanilla* - Seasonal" "Gingerbread* " "Glazed Walnut Spice*" "Harvest Spice* - Seasonal" "Hazelnut" "Home for the Holidays - Seasonal" "Honey Soaked Apples*" "Ivy and Pear* - Limited" "Juniper Berry and Lime Zest* - Limited" "Lavender and Lemongrass*" "Lavender Spruce*" "Lemon Icebox Cookies*" "Lime Zest and Basil* - Seasonal" "Luscious Lemon Vanilla*" "Mandarin Coriander* - Limited" "Mistletoe Kiss* - Seasonal" "Mountain Berry Parfait*" "Mulberry and Mandarin*" "Old Fashioned Christmas Cookies*" "Peppermint Twist - Seasonal" "Picnic in the Park - NEW" "Pineapple Vanilla Sugar* - Seasonal" "Pink Champagne and Strawberries*" "Pomegranate and Bitter Orange - NEW" "Pumpkin Vanilla*" "Raspberry Lime Fizz* - Seasonal" "Raspberry Rhubarb* - Seasonal" "Red Currant*" "Roasted Espresso*" "Rosemary Grapefruit Spritzer - NEW" "Rum Raisin Glaze - Seasonal" "Sage and Lemon Balm" "Salted Caramel Popcorn*" "Saturday Morning Cereal and Milk* - Limited" "Silver Spruce and Cedar Tips - Seasonal" "Snowflakes at Midnight* - Seasonal" "Southern Sweet Tea" "Sparkling Apple Cider* - Seasonal" "Spiced Orange and Cinnamon*" "Summer Melon* - Seasonal" "Summer Rain*" "Sweet Almond Cream*" "Sweet Summer Wine - NEW" "Sweet Tuscan Basil - Limited" "Tart Michigan Cherry - Limited" "Thai Pear*" "Vanilla Pound Cake*" "Wanderlust* - Limited" "Warm Cinnamon Buns*" "Whiskey and Sweet Tobacco*" "White Peach & Clove*"

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