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Ruffled Pot

Ruffled Pot
Item# 872
Fragrance Options (Container Color): 

Product Description

Colors are listed next to the fragrance and subject to change based on availability

Filled with 9 oz. of American Soybean WaxTM. Measures 3.25"h x 3.75"w with a 45+ hour burn time. = Best selling fragrance

Fragrance Options (Container Color): "87242 - Cafe Au Lait (Brown)" "87295 - Pumpkin Vanilla (Brown)" "87233 - Honey Soaked Apples* (Ivory)" "87270 - Summer Rain* (Ivory)" "87229 - Salted Caramel Popcorn (Olive)" "87226 - Thai Pear* (Olive)" "87220 - Cherry Almond Buttercream* (Red)" "87204 - Roasted Espresso* (Red)" "87285 - Lavender & Lemongrass* (Steel Grey)" "87280 - Warm Cinnamon Buns* (Steel Grey)" "87211 - Mountain Berry Parfait* (Turquoise)" "87291 - Strawberry Basil (Turquoise)"

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