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Last Chance-LTD-24 oz Jars

Last Chance-LTD-24 oz Jars
Item# 183LTD

Product Description

Jars are sold assorted, you may receive a 24 oz pantry or a 24 oz homespun- fragrances are identical regardless of jar finish.Thank you "18313 - Citrus Grove (Peach)- LTD" "18322 - Cold Brew Coffee (Tan)- LTD" "18323 - Fresh Strawberry (Red)- LTD" "18350 - Garden Party (Teal)- LTD" "18378 - Island Shave Ice (Pink)- LTD" "18321 - Lilac Mist (Lavender)- LTD" "18317 - Raspberry Rainbow Ice (Pink)- LTD" "18391 - Strawberry Basil (Moss Green)- LTD" "18390 - Sweet Jasmine Honey (Yellow)- LTD" "18396 - Wild Honeysuckle & Citrus (Pale Peach)- LTD"

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