Discontinued Scents from previous seasons.

Allspice Pumpkin Custard(Rust)
– A perfect blend of cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg, pumpkin and vanilla custard give this a rich and delicious dessert blend!
Barrel-Aged Maple - (Gold)
lush, golden caramel, spun sugar and whipped buttercream combine with hints of amber, oak and bourbon for a rich, deep, complex maple fragrance experience - very warm and inviting!

Candied Citrus Peel(Ivory) - NEW A twist on a vintage favorite! Sweet notes of caramelized vanilla meet a refreshing throw of orange and lemon zest for this seasonal favorite sure to please all!

Chestnuts Roasting By The Fire(Tan) - NEW-Notes of chestnuts and cinnamon blend with rich mahogany and cedar blend together to make this a soft yet smokey blend for any time of year. A perfect crossover fragrance for any room and season!!

Christmas Morning Coffee(Red) - NEW But first, coffee! That’s right, if you like roasted espresso you’ll LOVE THIS! Dark roasted coffee pairs beautifully with peppermint essential oils to create a cappuccino you’ll be begging a barista to make!

Fresh-Cut Christmas Tree (Evergreen)
– A seasonal favorite year after year! Take a trip back to your childhood of heading to town, ice skating, christmas lights, and the beautiful pine smell of picking out your perfect tree!

Frosted Cranberry and Sugared Vanilla (Wine)
– Back by popular demand! Tart, ripe New England Cranberries and Spiced Christmas Wine are blended with Cotton Candy, Vanilla Buttercream and a hint of Toasted Marshmallow for sweet yet deep and intense berry notes. Festive and bright - perfect for a holiday get together!

Ginger Spice & Smoked Maple (Ivory) -NEW Whether it’s gingerbread houses, or ginger snaps, ginger spice is a Holiday staple. Combined with smoky undertones of sweet maple syrup- join us on a trip down memory lane with this soon to be a holiday favorite.

Golden Myrrh (Gold) - NEW A centuries old fragrance with tales of medicinal purposes- Myrrh has become increasingly popular in the beauty and air care industry. Often considered an incense, this fragrance must be smelled to fully enjoy!

Harvest Spice (Gold)
– A seasonal favorite- a pure cinnamon blend of cinnamon stick and clove bud; a rich and high throw make this a perfect fall scent!

Home For the Holidays (Red)
– Flights have landed, your bags are unpacked- and the family is home- baking and all is right again! Tones of apple, citrus, cinnamon and clove; a woodsy blend for a vibrant throw of seasonal baking and warm apple cider by the fire!

Midnight Cedre(Ivory) - NEW The noble Atlas Cedar tree and its fragrant wood; form the heart of the scent. While musk is the body of this fragrance the rich cedar tones provided a woodsy undertone

Peppermint Twist (Ivory)
– If you're a fan of those green wrapper- after dinner mints- then look no further! Rich peppermint, mild chocolate tones, and creamy white chocolate make this a time-and-time again- favorite!

Pumpkin Caramel Drizzle (Rust)
– A rich blend of sugary caramel, chocolate drizzle and pumpkin pie will have you asking for seconds; or at least thinking about it!

Roasted Pumpkin Seeds (Rust)
– Cinnamon and nutmeg, sugary and sweet, the caramelized goodness of fresh- oven roasted- pumpkin seeds are definitely going to have you wanting more!

Silver Spruce and Cedar Tips (Evergeen)
– Fresh-cut pine, fir and balsam and snow-laced cedar make a lovely blend to bring a bit of the outdoors in for the Holiday season. Cedar and other wood notes soften the spruce and pine just enough to evoke memories of walking through a snow-laden winter forest. Clear, fresh, green and woodsy - perfect for the Holidays!

Snowflakes at Midnight(White)
– A cold winters eve, snowflakes fill the air; experience the relaxing sensation of a wonderful blend of vanilla, oak, and notes of amber musk.

Spiked Hummingbird Cake (Ivory) - NEW A southern favorite whose fragrance is as unique as its name! Fluffy marshmallow, blends with fig and cinnamon, hints of lemon zest, and our personal twist - rum! If you didn’t get your dessert already- give this a try!

Sugar Plum Merlot (Plum) - NEW A From the vineyards of France brings us a rich full body Merlot, with delicious grape notes, traces of oak barrels and hints of rowan berries bring this fragrance journey full circle for a throw all will enjoy.

We care about your safety. Please never leave a burning candle unattended. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Always follow proper burn instructions listed on your candle