Illumination Wax Warmers

Illumination Wax Warmers
**Please note the Illumination Warmers use either 25W bulbs, or, if noted, Edison Bulbs. Please purchase extra bulbs as we do not offer replacements or warranties on bulbs that burn out from normal use.

**NEW** Moonstone Illumination Wax Warmer
Swirling white on white colored hand-blown glass makes the Moonstone Illumination especially impressive when lit.
**NEW** Rustic White Illumination Wax Warmer
Rustic White Illumination: Textured raw clay contrasted with a creamy white glaze bring a focused finish to this natural, simple shape.
**NEW** Weathered Wood Edison Bulb Illumination Warmer
The aged white wood finish and exposed filament bulb are in perfect vintage harmony in this Edison Bulb Illumination. This warmer includes an Edison bulb to warm the wax in the dish. For replacement bulbs, please only use the Replacement Edison Bulb.
Illumination Wax Warmer Hearthstone
The glow of this little fireplace will warm your heart as its ambiance fills your home with cheer.Please note, this is a decorative warmer and not a real stone fireplace, nor can it be used as a fire place. The top is not removable and there is no bulb to change. Thank you
Illumination Wax Warmer Mason Jar
The Illumination Warmers are lovely tabletop warmers that plug into an outlet and use an electric bulb (25W) to fill any room with fragrance! We recommend using these with our Drizzle MeltsTM, a scoop of our Candle Refill Wax, or our Fragrance Oils. They will give the ambiance of a candle without the flame, while still releasing intense fragrance!Measures 4.5"l x 4.5"w x 6.5"h

Use our 25Watt Warmer Replacement Bulb when replacing bulb.
25Watt Illumination Warmer Replacement Bulb
This 25Watt replacement bulb is meant to be used with the Illumination Warmers and Aurora Candle Warmer Lamps.
Replacement Edison Bulb
This exposed filament bulb is a replacement for the Edison Bulb Illumination Warmers.
We care about your safety. Please never leave a burning candle unattended.