Twice a year, July and December, the factory changes their seasonal fragrances. They send their remaining inventory to us and our SCC Retail Stores. We pass the savings onto you. Quantities limited.

Going Out of Season Fragrance Oils
These are scents that are either going of season or are no longer being carried in our Fragrance Oil line.

1/2 ounces of Premium Fragrance Oil. You may use the oil with a little heat in the top of any electric or tea light melter, or with our reed diffuser sticks. Please keep out of reach of children and pets and avoid placing oil directly on fine furniture.
Regular price: $5.00
Sale price: $3.00
Spring Special - Limited Qty.
Our factory has brought back a few past Spring fragrances in very limited quantities!

Filled with 24 ounces of American Soybean WaxTM. Burn time of 110 hours.
Regular price: $19.50
Sale price: $16.00
Spring Special - Limited Qty
Filled with 12 ounces of American Soybean WaxTM. Burn time of 75+ hours.
Regular price: $12.50
Sale price: $10.00

We care about your safety. Please never leave a burning candle unattended.