Out of Season Specials

Twice a year, July and December, the factory changes their seasonal fragrances. They send their remaining inventory to us and our SCC Retail Stores. We pass the savings onto you. Quantities limited. Sale is valid ONLINE only, not valid in any retail outlets!

No returns or Refunds on Out of Season purchases. Due to the price of the already discounted product in this category; no additional discounts apply.

Out of Season Drizzle Melts!! Normally 5 for $31.25 now 5 for $25.50! Quantities limited, no substitutions, only these fragrances! As always, a free gift is included!
Regular price: $31.25
Sale price: $25.50
Fragrance 1:  Fragrance 2:  Fragrance 3:  Fragrance 4:  Fragrance 5: 
Buy 2 get 1 Free!! 24oz Pantry/Homespun Jar Candles
Regular price: $58.50
Sale price: $39.00
Fragrance 1:  Fragrance 2:  Fragrance 3: 
Buy 2 Get 1 Free! 12 oz Pantry/Homespun Jar Candles
Buy 2 12oz jars get 1 free, on discontinued out of season fragrances! While supplies last! Pantry/Homespun assorted jars, we can not guarantee jar style.
Regular price: $37.50
Sale price: $25.00
Fragrance 1:  Fragrance 2:  Fragrance 3: 
Holiday Vintage Jars Set of 3
Regular price: $39.00
Sale price: $33.00
Fragrance 1(Label Design):  Fragrance 2(Label Design):  Fragrance 3(Label Design): 
Out of Season White Refill wax 5 for $55
24oz of White Wax Only American Soybean WaxTM in a microwavable container and 1 package of 5 wicks in your choice of burning diameter. As this is an Out of Season special, quantities are limited, no refunds or exchanges, available in white wax only.

Choose wick size based on the diameter of the containers you wish to fill.

For example: If you are going to fill a votive size cup, you will want to use the RD29 Votive Wicks. This kit will refill 9-10 votive glasses. Please remember to only refill your votive glasses 1-2 times, however, as the glasses will weaken over time.

***Please note if the selection "No Wicks or Select Wick Size" is selected we will not be sending wicks with your purchase. Wicks are included with each container of refill wax however if a size is not selected, no wicks will be sent. If it is determined after the order has shipped you will require wicks, additional shipping charges for the wicks will be billed to your order.****

For Bird Pottery use 2 of the #51 wick.

For square and round pottery containers use a #62 wick.

For Square Skillet candle use 4 #51 wicks. For Round Skillet use 3 #51 wicks.

For 12oz. and 24oz. jar candles use the #62 wick.

If you want to use more than one wick per candle, always choose a smaller wick size.
Regular price: $77.50
Sale price: $55.00
Fragrance 1:  Fragrance 2:  Fragrance 3:  Fragrance 4:  Fragrance 5:  Wick Diameter 1:  Wick Diameter 2:  Wick Diameter 3:  Wick Diameter 4:  Wick Diameter 5: 
Out Of Season Fragrance Oil 5 for 18.50
Each glass bottle is 1/2 Ounces of Premium Fragrance Oil. All the oils coordinate with our Clean Burning, Lead Free, Intense Fragrance American Soybean WaxTM Candles. You may use the oil with a little heat in the top of any electric or tea light melter, or with our reed diffuser sticks. Please keep out of reach of children and pets and avoid placing oil directly on fine furniture.
Regular price: $27.50
Sale price: $18.50
Fragrance 1:  Fragrance 2:  Fragrance 3:  Fragrance 4:  Fragrance 5: 

We care about your safety. Please never leave a burning candle unattended.