Drizzle & Herbal Melts

Drizzle & Herbal Melts
DRIZZLE & HERBAL MELTS are made from our 100% all-natural soybean wax. Sure to delight your senses, our Drizzle MeltsTM are triple scented.

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4.75 oz. Break-Apart Drizzle & Herbal Melts
Drizzle MeltsTM are a wonderful collection of tempting products from Swan Creek Candle Company's(R) 2015 Collection. Enticing not only to your olfactory and visual senses, but also your sense of value for these pleasingly-priced new offerings. And they are so easy to use with six separate break-apart cubes - just place them in a melter and enjoy!

Break-Apart Packaging! Still the same great triple-scented product, now in an even more convenient form! 4.75 ounces

* = Best selling fragrance
Best Seller Drizzle Melt<font size=1><sup>TM</font></sup> Sampler
A $93.75 value for just $80.00. Try an assortment of our 15 best selling fragrances, plus a free gift and free shipping.

Assortment includes (no substitutions please):

Dutch Apple Pie * Roasted Espresso * Vanilla Pound Cake * Warm Cinnamon Buns * Gingerbread * Buttercream Vanilla * Hazelnut * Cinnamon Hazelnut Latte * Pumpkin Vanilla * Bourbon Maple Sugar * Spiced Orange & Cinnamon * Lavender & Lemongrass * Mulberry and Mandarin * Crisp Cotton * Lemon Icebox Cookies
Sweet Tooth Drizzle Melt Sampler
A $93.75 value for just $80.00. Try an assortment of 15 of our sweetest scents, plus a free gift and free shipping.

Assortment includes (no substitutions please):

Birthday Cake * Bourbon Maple Sugar * Dutch Apple Pie * Gingerbread * Hazelnut * Honey Soaked Apples * Lemon Icebox Cookies * Maple Caramel Swirl * Pumpkin Vanilla * Raspberry Creme * Salted Caramel Popcorn * Snickerdoodle * Sweet Almond Creme * Vanilla Pound Cake * Warm Cinnamon Buns
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